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Microsoft Web Server Users Email Lists – Lately, Microsoft announced the Build Live Conference in Seattle, which is hosted for the software developers, engineers, and 6,000 other techies. The conference will familiarize the software developers with latest tools and features that enhance the development of software application. The conference will have an emphasis on cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence. Hence, the marketers promoting the cloud computing solutions and artificial intelligence can connect with the web server users to improve the client base. It enables the clients to migrate the workloads to cloud server without any hassle.

Recently, Microsoft announced a restructuring of the entire teams under the CEO Satya Nadella. It led to the shift in focus from the Windows applications to cloud computing technology. With Amazon being the closest competitor, the company aims to outperform in the field of cloud-computing with a short time-frame. Efficient promotion and enhancement in the data centers will have a huge impact. Here, one can witness the need of promoting cloud services using the Microsoft Web Server Users Email Database.

Improved Storage
Web Server requires a space that needs to be purchased or leased by an owner. While using cloud computing for business operations, the company will be using the applications to plan and implement the business operations as if they are the applications installed on the computer. But in reality, these applications might be located on a remote server. One can save the files to the remote server that can be later accessed from any computer. Hence, it considerably reduces the storage problem. Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing solution, allows companies to use the cloud computing resources on rent. The conference will have a lot of emphasis on this plan.

Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft also plans to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Azure by including artificial intelligence in it. It will focus on image detection and language translation. It helps the software developers to build different applications in the cloud at a faster rate. Hence, marketers offering allied services can promote the products and services to the web server users with the Microsoft Web Server Users Email Lists.

With the latest advancement in the new services, Microsoft will still have to compete to grab the attention of the target audience due to its close competition with Google and Amazon. Hence, the best way is to plan better strategies to enhance the customer reach.

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