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Ethernet Network Users Email Lists – QNAP Systems, Inc., this week has launched a new 9-bay storage device that chiefly focuses on the small businesses that require more capacity and quick access time to improve business operations. The product is based on the two Excavator modules and runs on QTS 4.3 OS. Hence, it has a lot of features like generating snapshots, cross-platform file sharing, organizing the frequently used data, and more. Ethernet-based companies need to develop such quality products to improve the functionality and business operations. As most of the businesses aim to achieve the business targets within a stipulated timeframe, Ethernet manufacturers need to develop high-end products that have improved performance.

Here, Ethernet manufacturers will land the information on the ways that help them to expand their business reach. They will also know the benefits of incorporating Ethernet Network Users Email Database in the marketing campaigns.

ETHERNET Network Users Email List

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet is used in an extended way in various electronics and automotive applications, it is mainly because of the growing demand for industrial automation. Its main use is in the wastewater treatment plants. It enables the integration and communication between various devices like AC drives, controllers, water level detectors, and more. Hence, developing ethernet based on PROFINET protocol will be a right decision for the Ethernet manufacturers, as it is the most popular automation network.

Open Ethernet

As closed-code Ethernets limit service providers to utilize it to the maximum, it has increased the demand for open Ethernet. It provides flexibility and allows custom-designing to improve the usage, efficiency, and ROI. As it is a next-level SDN, the software is embedded on the Ethernet hardware. Hence, it eliminates the vendor lock-in issues and allows end-users to use open source switching and routing. As it is sure to be high in demand, marketers can improve sales and ROI by promoting the products using Ethernet Network Users Email Lists.

Developing the best products that have a definite demand before its launch is imperative. Also, it is crucial to promote it using various online marketing methods. Online marketing is the most viable way for marketing products in the present marketing system. Doing so, marketers can take their business to better heights.

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