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Salesforce Users Email Lists Every business utilizes certain email marketing strategies to promote their products and services. It is found that most of the campaign strategies suffer due to less deliverability and spamming. It also hampers the sender’s reputation. To connect with the best prospects via emails Salesforce service providers can utilize Salesforce Users Email Database that contains the list of companies using Salesforce CRM in USA. But are these email lists authentic? How can you find it out?

To make sure you get the best results when launching the B2B marketing campaigns, we have collated a few ways to check and maintain the authenticity of the Salesforce Users Email Lists. By incorporating these tips, you can easily save your dollars and also protect your business reputation by connecting with the largest salesforce customers.

Unidentified Name

Cross-verify each and every name provided for the email addresses. Check the domain names and compare it with the actual address to find out any correction needed in the spellings. Also, check if it is the same mail address mentioned in the “mailto” address. Verify the digital signatures, attachments, and URLs.

Contact Addresses

To check the physical addresses in the Salesforce Users Email Database, find out the registered postal address signed up across the physical addresses.  If that location is a government registered postal office, then you can consider the details as valid.


Check whether the designation included in the email list is reliable and includes the first and last name. This is another way to verify the details.

Be smart and cross-verify each and every record you come across to make it valuable for your business. Use these tips to make sure if the email addresses are valid.  As a verified list of Salesforce Users Mailing Addresses is critical for a marketing campaign to be successful.

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